Investment & Wealth Management Services:

Shane M. Wagstaff, CPA has teamed up with Raintree Financial Solutions to offer investments for clients looking to grow their portfolios. This service is completely independent from the tax and accounting services offer by Horizon CPA and is a mutually exclusive service as illustrated under the CPA Alberta Professional Code of Conduct.
As a Registered Dealing Representative with the Alberta Securities Commission and a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintree, Shane has the unique ability to couple this with his tax and financial planning skills as a Chartered Professional Accountant. Primarily focusing on long term investment strategies, Shane tailors the client portfolios to the specific needs of each individual. Whether you desire income production to sustain retirement, investment growth over your working life or some other investment parameter, there is a suitable strategy that can be tailored to meet your goals.  
Shane offers two distinct investment categories from which a wide variety of assets can be selected. A number of these investments are often offered in tandem to achieve your desired returns subject to your risk tolerance. A thorough screening and disclosure is also required for all clients so that they fully understand all associated risks that come with investing. This is incredibly important when determining whether a client is suitable for a particular investment or not and is integral to Shane's job as an advisor to look out for the client's best interests at all times.   
Raintree itself operates in part as a due diligence team to hand pick investments off the market which it makes available to its Private Wealth Advisors. In this manner, they are able to be independent and offer another level of professional safeguarding for their clients. On top of this, they work closely with Private Wealth Advisors such as Shane across Canada such that each and every client has a professional on the ground they can trust with important financial decisions.    
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Please don't hesitate to contact Shane directly at (403) 877-8935 or for additional info or to set up a meeting.