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Tax, Accounting & Financial Planning Services:


Complete Accounting Solutions

We offer a unique service designed for contractors and small businesses. We take care of all your accounting needs from top to bottom so you can get back to focusing on your business. These services include:

  • Federal and Alberta corporate tax returns

  • Personal tax returns for each shareholder

  • Year round bookkeeping

  • Annual GST returns

  • Filing T4 and/or T5 slips (salary vs. dividends)

  • Anytime advice from a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Financial Planner

We also offer contractors and small corporations the option to have all the above services provided for a fixed monthly fee. Many of our clients prefer a predetermined fee and having all their accounting needs completely taken care of stress free.

Accounting Solutions

Farm Taxation & Accounting

Farm Taxation

We offer a number of unique services tailor made for farmers and ranchers. Whether you want to incorporate your farm, participate in government assistance programs or simply know how to get every deduction available you've come to the right place. Some of our specialized farm services are below: 

  • Farm taxation, preparation and planning (Corporate & Personal)

  • Income tax smoothing, inventory adjustments & year end farm previews 

  • Tax-free rollovers for farm property

  • Tax-free farm incorporation

  • Estate freezes & succession planning

  • Filing with AgriStability & AgriInvest

  • Capital budgeting for equipment & land purchases

  • Tax efficient sale of farm business & retirement planning

  • Farm GST, payroll and subcontracting advice and services

  • Audit protection and prevention

At Horizon, we understand your farming or ranching business from the ground up because we've been immersed in the industry from day one. Let us show you how to maximize your profits and minimize your tax with our specialized farm services. 

Farm Taxation and Accounting

Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax Planning

We focus heavily on tax preparation, planning and advisory. Let us show you how we can minimize your tax and maximize your bottom line. Our tax services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Taxation of unincorporated small businesses and farms

  • Taxation of corporations

  • Taxation of trusts and estates

  • Tax effects of buying and selling a business

  • Tax efficient strategies and audit protection

  • Reviewing Tax on Split Income (TOSI) for your business

At Horizon, taxation is our specialty and if you're ever in doubt be sure to get a professional opinion before it's too late. 

Financial Statements

Financial Statements

We provide reliable, relevant and understandable financial statements for your corporation to meet whatever reporting requirements you may have. Whether you need financial statements for a bank loan, shareholders or simply your own financial interest, we've got you covered. We provide financial reporting on two levels:

  • Compilation/Notice to Reader - This is the basic industry standard when preparing corporate tax returns.

  • Review - Additional analytical procedures are performed in compliance with ASPE (Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise).

Come see how we can make sense of your financial position with professionally prepared financial statements.

Financial Statements

Bookkeeping, GST, Dividends & Payroll

We provide basic bookkeeping services for our clients primarily as part of our complete accounting solution for small businesses and contractors. We also provide all levels of GST, dividends and payroll services for our clients including all filings and correspondence with the CRA. We work with a variety of bookkeeping software and also provide services for setup and implementation of your business payroll and accounting.

Bookkeepig , GST, Dividends

Valuations & Buying/Selling Business

If you are buying or selling your business, land, house or other assets, be sure to consult with us before making the final decision. We also provide basic business valuations to aid in your decision making process.       

Don't wait till after the sale to find out you missed the lifetime capital gains exemption, that the business you bought had underlying liabilities or that the price you paid was too high.

Tax Audits, Objections & Appeals

The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) can be confusing and hard to deal with at times. Let us be your CRA liaison to make sure your business is in the good books and complying with all CRA rules and regulations. We provide services for all forms of CRA correspondence, objections and appeals.  

Business Valuation
Business Valuations
Tax Audits
Incorporating a business in Alberta

Business Start-ups & Incorporations

We offer business incorporation services, advice and implementation for start up businesses. Be on top of incorporation from the beginning to ensure the success of your business, the ease of your bookkeeping and the efficiency of your taxation.  

Let us help you hit the ground running with professional advice from our business incorporation services.

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