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Tax, Accounting & Financial Planning for Your Personal Needs

Tax Planning

Tax Planning & Preparation

We focus heavily on tax preparation, planning and advisory. Let us show you how we can minimize your tax and maximize your tax savings. Our tax services include:

  • Filing Personal T1 Tax returns

  • Maximizing deductions and credits

  • TFSA and RRSP planning

  • Taxation of trusts and estates

  • Tax effective retirement and estate planning

  • Tax efficient strategies and audit protection

Tax Filing

Financial Consulting & Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Whether you're looking to pass you business to your children or simply want advice as to what age to start taking CPP or OAS, we've got a solution for you. We deal with all types of estates, trusts, rollovers and succession plans designed to minimize tax when passing assets on to the next generation.  

At Horizon, we want your children to be just successful as you are and this starts with a concrete estate plan.

Investment Analysis & Advisory

As part of our holistic financial planning approach we offer comprehensive investment analysis to ensure your risk profile fits your goals. Investments are an important part of financial planning that need to be managed adequately to ensure the correct risk/reward portfolio is constructed to suit your needs.

Cheerful Seniors

Be prepared down the road for retirement or estate succession with a professional financial plan so you can feel safe about the financial future of yourself and your family.  

Young Accountant

Tax Audits, Objections & Appeals

The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) can be confusing and hard to deal with at times. Let us be your CRA liaison to make sure your business is in the good books and complying with all CRA rules and regulations. We provide services for all forms of CRA correspondence, objections and appeals.  

There's no need to dread the CRA when you have a professional on your side to guide the way.

Other Financial Advice & Consulting

We offer all forms of miscellaneous business consulting and financial advice. We are always looking for a new challenge or innovative way of doing things. Don't be afraid to ask us any question and we will come back with an answer.     

We also work closely with a number of professionals in various industries. Ask us for a referral and we will gladly point you in the right direction. 

Tax Audits
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